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Welcome to the new home of the Lake Highlands Wildcats Youth Athletics.  We are excited about the opportunities that we have to promote teamwork, leadership and a hard work ethic to our youth of today.  Our plan is to offer Football, Basketball and Track & Field to the children of our neighborhood.  We will accomplish this by competing in challenging leagues and organizations.  We hope to become a bridge over troubled waters for children by offering mentoring, tutoring, and counseling for those in need.

The purpose of the organization will be fulfilled through athletic competition and achievement.  The programs will be offered through partner schools, youth recreation and community centers.  To build long-lasting mentor relationships and guidance for youth, the program will provide education and support on teamwork, interpersonal relations, and goal setting using the structure of sports and athletics.

A detailed listing of initial planned programs is included on the following table.

Activity Conducted

Conducted By



Relationship to exempt purposes

Percent of Time Allocated

Planned Funding by

Competitive Athletic Programs

Volunteer Coaches, Mentors, and Parents


Part-time - Year Round

Partner Schools Youth and Community Centers.

Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Areas


Meets Educational and Charitable Outreach Purposes Including:


Advancement of Sports and Health Education.

(2) Building

Lifelong Partnerships Through Teamwork and Organized Play; and


Combatting Community Deterioration and Juvenile Delinquency by Providing Alternatives for Youth.


Member Fees and Community Contributions


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